What's a "SCWIS?" Your Virtual Station Tour

Solar Panels and Antenna
SCWIS, or Safe Community Wireless Information Service, 87.9 FM, is fully self-sufficient, solar powered, automated low power radio station.
   With programming centered on personal safety, consumer education and civil defense, SCWIS broadcasts with 1/100th of a watt of radio frequency power on the FM band, serving a portion of the Cherry Hill Neighborhood.
     Operating under Part 15 of CFR 47 of Federal Commnications Commssion, SCWIS transmits important safety information to nearby FM radios 24-7/365.
     Simply tune any FM radio to 87.9 at the far left of the dial and you will receive our free programming if you are in range of our transmitter.
     Low power = limited range, in compliance with FCC Regulations.

MP3 Player, 12 VDC Power Manager &
Transmitter, at the base of the Antenna

Solar Power Controller & Batteries, under cover